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  1. Title: Philosophy and Methodology of Operational Research: A Manifesto for Developing Countries.
    Author: Prof. Joseph Funso Akingbade FIOR.
    Table of Contents
  2. Title: Elements of Operations Research
    Author: Ademulegun Damian, PhD, FIOR.
    Table of Contents


  1. Title: Operations Research for Development
    Author: Abdulfatai Oyeyemi Lawal, MBA, FIOR
    Various investigative efforts have confirmed that most of management activities in developing countries lack scientific bases and most often result in non-effective and inefficient decision. This attitude which indeed transcends all facets of life; government, business, industry, or even self-management is the bane of underdevelopment. Therefore, this paper is concerned on the relationship between Operations Research and Development. The paper explained the words Operations Research and Development. It finally recommended measures on how Operations Research could play prominent role in the attainment of national development.
  2. Title: Tomorrow is Yesterday (The Role of Operations Research and Planning in National Development).
    Chief L.E.A. Aimiuwu, OON, FIOR
    Abstract: No country in history has defied the forces of gravity like Nigeria. Nigeria is at a very critical stage in its transformation curve, if we as a country, get it right now, and sustain the trend, we shall advance surely and steadily towards promised land. If, however, we however we refuse to move, and instead continue to indulge in our deliberating excesses, we should kiss development goodbye, prepare our wills, and get ready for extinction, and forever hold our peace!. This paper talked about the promise of OR, OR challenges, foundations of success in developed world and issues Nigeria requires to confront with OR values and disciplines playing crucial role to address the deliberating lapses.
  3. Title: Basic Facts About Operational Research
    Author: Prof. Joseph Funsho Akingbade
    Abstract: The paper introduces beginners to the concept of Operations Research. It explains the terms Operational Research and Operations Research. It also talked about problematic nature of OR definition, the general nature of OR, its Origin, Science-basis of OR, Mathematical modeling and model solving. Other aspects discussed include nature of practical OR, practical limitations, tools for OR and OR as a profession.
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