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The Council and its Principal Officers

The Council is the highest governing and policy making body of the Institute with the following as the Principal Officers:-

  1. President/Chairman of council
  2. 1st Vice – president
  3. 2nd Vice – president
  4. Honorary Treasurer
  5. Ex-Officios (3 Nos)
  6. The Registrar/ Chief Executive who serves as the Secretary to the Council.

The rules governing their election and term of office are set out in the bye-laws of the Institute.

Management Committee

The management committee consists of staffs that fill key positions and perform day – to-day operational activities of the Institute for which interruption or delay could result in financial loss, exposure to liability or serious public relation difficulties. The Committee which is headed by the Registrar/Chief Executive consists of all the Executive Directors and other members of staff as the Management Committee may from time to time Co-opt, to facilitate the functioning of the Principal Officers of the Council.

Board of Fellows

The Board of Fellows consists of persons duly elected as Fellow of the institute. It is an advisory body to both the Council and the Management Committee. It is the duty of the Board to elect among themselves both the Chairman and the Secretary.

Other Committees

The Council of the Institute constitutes committees whose membership was drawn from among Council and other members of the Institute. The committees shall be governed by the provision of the appropriate manual of policy and procedure of the Institute includes:-

  • Membership and Member services
  • Finance and Investment
  • Training, development and Advisory Service
  • Publication, Publicity and Information Technology
  • Logistics and Properties Management
  • Research, Planning and Strategy
  • Corporate and Inter-Government Relations
  • Editorial Board.
It is the responsibility of each member of the committee to participate effectively in shaping the future of the institute.

District Society

The Institute recognizes sub-division based on state and district. A District must have at least 15 members and has authority to conduct any activity normal to a scientific or professional society in line with the provision of the constitutions and bye-laws of the Institute. To further confirm its recognition of district, the Institute shall have in place a Council of Districts.

An accredited Institute of higher learning in a District constitute student chapter with at least 10 members.

Members can join any District nearest to them.

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