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Welcome to the Official Website of The Institute for Operations Research of Nigeria (INFORN).

Operations Research

Operations Research can be defined as the application of analytical methods designed to help the decision maker choose between various courses of action available to accomplish specified objectives (ISRAR 2006). It is a scientific tool that provide the management (decision makers) with quantitative basis for decision making in relationship to the operation under investigation.

Operations Research is a field that relate to several other fields in the "decision science" such as engineering, computer science, management, economics, psychology and sociology. It also addresses variety of issue in transportation, marketing, finance, education, manufacturing, defense, health care, inventory control and many others.

Operational Research (OR) as a Profession

A profession is basically marked out by certain special training and skills and the employment of these in certain fields of endeavor. The integrity of a profession is usually maintained by enacting and upholding certain ethical codes. The professional body is the institution for actualizing all these on a formal basis, while it's functional and operation frameworks constitute the instrument for pursuing the goals of the profession and achieving it's object and objectives. Our institute is being moulded, based on this framework. The tenets of OR can be traced to it's history and evolution

Our Vision
To be the bedrock for scientific decision making for improved systems performance in Nigeria.  

Our Mission
To re-orientate and advance the knowledge, practice, research, methods and application of Operations Research to all areas of human endeavour.

Organizational Profile

The Institute for Operational Research of Nigeria (INFORN) was founded toward the end of the year 2004 but it was statutorily recognized on Tuesday, 4th July, 2006 under CAM Act 1990, LFN. RC-659046.

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